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Casa Trandafirilor (House of Roses)

Young Auldts Xmam 2012 Casa Trandafirilor We were desperate to help our young people and joined forces with The Myosotist Trust, another charity working in the area with whom we had had loose connections over the years.

In 2012 we were able to open Casa Trandafirilor (House of Roses) which provided a home for six young people - five from Casa Linda and a young man with autism known to Myosotis. Sadly Razvan, one of the residents, died suddenly in December 2017 and there are currently only 5 residents.

The house is not owned by RAKE but is being loaned rent free on a long term basis. Ideally we will raise the £56,000 necessary to buy the house and help secure the long term future for our young family.

Casa Trandafirilor is managed by Asociatia Myosotis Romania (the Romanian branch of The Myosotis Trust) but RAKE provided all the funds to set up the home and is currently funding the majority of the running costs. To ensure the long term viability of the project funds must be found from within Romania to run the project. Currently some funding is received from the state in the form of disability allowances.

Together with the Myosotis team our aim is to provide a safe and caring environment where the young people feel valued and can develop to become as independent as possible. We want them to become accepted and integrated into their local community.

In Kitchen Casa Trandafirilor Girld room Casa Trandafirilor Boys cleaning snow Casa Trandafirilor Table Casa Trandafirilor
For more information or if you would like to help in any way please email or contact us.